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Archaeological evidence has found that massage was in many ancient civilizations including China, India, Japan and Korea before finding its way to the west and possesses a wealth of  properties that help further rehabilitation.
Physiologically Sports massage was thought to prepare clients for a more productive workout, reduce fatigue, relieve muscle swelling and tension. Oft times owing to overuse, minor injuries and adhesions occur in the muscle tissue that can cause a good deal of pain and  Sports massage helps alleviate pain and prevent such injuries that greatly affects the bodies ability and performance.

Congruo is a latin word with several meanings: accord, agree, be in unison, be of one mind, coincide, concur, correspond, fitness, harmonise, suit and conforming, all of which should resonates with and throughout rehabilitation. Psychology is a major factor by itself when it comes to rehab, simply by thinking you feel pain in exercise will convince you that you are feeling pain during rehab exercises.
People like to say "kids are easy to reach because they have no fear" NOTHING could be further from the truth. That statement should read "Kids are easy to reach because they don't calculate"
Calculation not fear is what restricts the adult.
Let's look at fear, to me it's an acronym for; 




​(X Country Running)

​(All the above)

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Sports Massage​ Therapy

  I Specialize in;

* Assisting Lymph drainage and blood circulation.
* Relieving muscle soreness.
* Realigning bio mechanical anomalies.

Sports massage is no longer for just the competitive athlete, everyone who is active can benefit from sports massage. It can also, prepare people for a more productive workout, help in rehabilitation, reduce fatigue and other problems affecting the musculature of the body such as postural misalignment.

 As a sports massage therapist some people are quite surprised when they come for treatment. We look at you carrying out obsevational static and movement based checks then we put you on the table, we push you pull you turn you twist you and only then does treatment begin, I look at it like this, when you go to buy a car you dont just check it's got a steering wheel you kick the tyres, you try the indicators, you push it up and down to test suspension, you open door, boot and bonnet (I'm not saying hood) then and only then do you consider a test drive.

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