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Strength Training

The human body is a remarkable machine and as such needs to be taken care of and well looked after. But that's where it ends because some people can't handle the truth and the truth is we need activity in our lives.

Strength training is not only paramount for sports but equally so for normal everyday use. Everyone knows about strength training, everyone jokes about strength training but not everyone does strength training. I say it all the time, "the stronger something is the harder it is to break down". The older one gets [male or female] the more the muscle reduces, its called 'atrophy' and it's a natural occurrence. 
Think of it like this, you have £10,000 and every year you stand to lose £1000,  by the 10th year you will broke. So, what do you do? you save, you build up a reserve of funds up to £1000 [or more] so when year end comes there's very little to no loss. 
With the body however, when muscle loss occurs the matabolism slows down, which, up until that point the body was feeding the muscles and acting as an excess-fat regulator [when we gonna eat? when we gonna eat? was what you would likely hear] as the muscle reduces, it becomes more like   "when  we  gonna  sleep?  when  we  gonna  sleep"?

The things that help us the most are these two:
Time and patience.

We don't stop training because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop training.

​​Everybody will tell you they are the best personal trainer ever (and why not that's marketing) "there's a kettle for this which is the newest thing, soon to be superseded by a toaster thing which is even newer" and so on.
Fads aside, training (fitness, weightloss, strength) is an exact science;
Fitness = repetition in training
Weightloss = expenditure of energy
Strength = stress placed on the muscles
Travel to any country in the world and it's all fundamentally the same, what you do once you have become fitter, lost weight or become stronger is a diffrent story. The main thing here is, it's people who are the anomaly, just because J Smith ate pasta everyday and he could run 10 miles in 19 minutes, press 100kg for 10 reps and squat 150kg does not mean you can too. 

Myth Wall
If women do weights they become too big
Big muscles are strong muscles
500 crunches a day will give me a six pack
I will only burn fat at my target heartrate
1000 sit up, core done
my doc says i need to strengthen my core, how mqny sit up should I do?
We can spot reduce
Sit ups will make you thin
Women need different exercises to men
Doing cardio will shrink youre muscles
Doing reps of 15-20 will build big muscles
Squats are bad for the knees
Women: Lifting heavy will make you look like a man
Abs will make me thin
you burn more calories, holding weights when doing cardio
I need the mirror to watch my muscles grow
The more you sweat the more fat you lose
Muscle turns to fat
women don't have muscles
You need to train everyday
Abs are my core
I do abs so i'm doing my core
Running is bad for me
I workout that means i can eat what i want
Strength Training for Runners​
Starting Level Strength (First Year)
Intermediate Level Strength
Advance Level Strength
Twice per week Off Season
Once per week on Season

  • Legs x 12 Reps 2 Sets
  • Chest x 12 Reps 2 Sets
  • Back x 12 Reps 2 Sets
  • Shoulders x 12 Reps 2 Sets

Torque/Rotational Movements;
Walking Lunge Rotate. 10 Each side
​Russian Twist on Fitball. 15 Each Side
Reverse Woodchop. 20 Each side 

Once per week Off Season
Once per week on Season

  • 2 x Legs 10 Reps 3 Sets
  • 2 x Chest 10 Reps 3 Sets
  • 2 x Back 10 Reps 3 Sets
  • 2 x Shoulders 10 Reps 3 Sets

T&R Movements;
Single Leg Squat Rotate. 10 Each Leg.
​Ab Wheel Roll Out. 15 Reps
Woodchop. 20 Each side

**Introduction to Plyometrics in preperation for the next level**

Once per week 

At this level the athlete's strength sesions take on a new outlook.

Part 1.
Will be Weights  made up of 7 dynamic exercises.

Part 2.
Will be Circuits & Plyometrics

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