Athletic Coach, Running Coach,
Ski Coach, Sports Therapist,
Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

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I served in the British Army for several years which made it very easy for me to immerse myself in my passion. Sport runs 24/7 in the Army and amongst the top are Rugby, Football and Skiing, which, when I sat my (military) Sports Injury Course equated to shoulder, ankle and knee injuries. So procedurally, active - injury - rehabilitation - active was ongoing.
I began my career in the fitness industry a long time ago. As a young boy I became interested in how things worked, even to the point that I would buy a cheap watch take it apart just to see what made it tick (pun intended).  So, in my head I had similar thoughts about how the body (not that I would physically  take one apart)  worked in real time. As a result I am able to help people achieve their aims.  

Dreams don't have an expiration date